How to Keep Emotions from Running Your Life

A recent article on Raptitude, talked about how the majority of of difficult experiences in David’s life resulted from his desperate need to avoid difficult experiences. This need to avoid difficult situations, caused him to live a period of his life led by the need to avoid rather than confront or embrace.

Emotions can drive our behavior, at times without our conscious awareness. In this post, the focus is on the behavior of avoidance, and its driver – emotional experiences that were distressing. Thinking, which is called ‘rumination’ in this piece, is captive to the emotion – a post hoc rationalization, that is unproductive. Becoming aware of these patterns can lead to freedom – freedom to change. This can be in the form of therapy (behavior therapy specifically targets avoidance) or other approaches preferential to the individual. The important start is recognizing what is happening, leading to the option to change.

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