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We have just launched our website and blog and are excited to share our vision for eMindScience Ecosystem™ dedicated to self-measurement of the mind.

The Intersection of Neuroscience and Mobile Health

A recent study predicts that more than 3.4 billion people will have smartphones or tablets with access to mobile health apps by 2017. Fifty percent of them will have downloaded health apps, with the addressable health app market being $1.5 billion. Bringing the best, validated, neuroscience-based protocols to the market must be done with innovative technology that exploits the immediacy and convenience of mobile platforms. Smartphones and tablets currently out-sell desk and laptop computers with the average user engaging their smartphone 46 times daily. eMindLog™ is is designed for cross-platform use thereby increasing adoption through the consumer’s familiar platform.

Sports and healthcare wearables are part of the ongoing evolution of wearable self-tracking. These applications are moving from being fitness and wellness devices to being able to directly impact medical conditions, improve diagnosis and care, and ultimately save lives. The market for healthcare wearables is very much in its infancy, though there is a considerable amount of activity across the healthcare value chain.

Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Wearables are being seen as an extension of the digital transformation of healthcare. They help pharmaceutical companies expand clinical trials, enable insurance companies to engage with customers by incentivizing healthier living, help healthcare providers improve the delivery of care, and empower patients by providing them access to their own health data. Through eMindScience integration with wearables and mobile apps, resulting data on individual mind-body performance health opens new market opportunities.  Strategic opportunities will be pursued to partner and integrate within the professional healthcare, mobile applications, and consumer wearables market as well as eMindScience Enterprise™ level solutions for employee assisted programs (EAPs) within companies, organizations, and government agencies worldwide.

Self-measurement of the Mind

Within the wearable and self-tracking biometrics evolution little is being done to address critical individual knowledge and understanding through self-measurement of the mind. The marketplace is awash with free apps that encourage mindfulness, meditation, mood, and broad assessment of general feelings some of which are based on cognitive behavior therapy assessment. Some apps involve voluntary participation in chat rooms and access to an online therapist.

Our goal is to enable self-measurement through eMindLog™ with connectivity in a network, Connecting Minds, and proving measurable value and outcomes in self-measurement based on neuroscience with the option to link with a healthcare provider to extend treatment and care beyond the office visit.

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