Mobile Health for Your Mind

screens-emindeMindScience™ is developing mobile, mental health tracking through a scientifically validated range of self-measurement apps – eMindLog™ – delivered to any mobile device, enabling self-measurement of daily and weekly behavior.

eMindLog™ provides meaningful, individual dashboard reporting based on data populated from frequent, self-measurement over time creating a rich profile of key indicators for stress, anxiety, and related depressive disorders.

With a soft launch Fall 2016 the eMindLog™ will allow users, patients, and their healthcare providers to track Emotions, Thoughts and Behaviors in our first app focused on stress, anxiety and depression, with graphic dashboard reporting right to your mobile device or computer; and if chosen shared with a healthcare provider, thereby extending the reach of care beyond the office visit.

Your healthcare provider can connect to eMindLog Network™ through eMindLog Pro™, a dedicated secure HIPAA compliant portal.

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eMindLog™ – Measuring Vital Signs of Your Mind™