Integrated behavioral health outcomes data and eMindLog™

By February 21, 2017From the CEO

Check out this terrific article in Forbes by Reenita Das, Senior Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Frost & Sullivan

Are We Focusing On The Right Silent Killer? Digital Solutions Can Be The Answer To Mental Health”

This article highlights the importance of outcomes data in behavioral health and the need for integration of mental well being within the patient EHR to provide an integrated picture of mind-body health, especially important when managing chronic and long-term disease.

eMindLog™ and eMindLog Pro™ is an ecosystem grounded in neuroscience, that provides quantitative self-measurement of the mind for better mental well-being within a HIPAA compliant, cloud based secure platform. Users can invite their healthcare providers and share dashboard reporting, enabling providers through eMindLog Pro™ to gain insight through patients self-reported behavior, beyond the confines of an office visit. This enables more accurate diagnoses and treatment pathways to wellness through value care outcomes and a more informed relationship between the provider and patient.

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