eMindLog Validated in a Scientific Study


A study just published in a peer-reviewed, medical journal reports on the validity of eMindLog. What does validation mean? It means scientific affirmation of acceptability and accuracy.

First, the study reports excellent reliability for eMindLog’s Total Daily Score – strongly supportive of use by individuals. It also supports the reliability of the index scores of anxiety, sadness, anger and lack of pleasure. Both the Total Daily Score and the Index scores can be tracked in the Reports section of eMindLog. Secondly, in comparison with a standard paper-and-pencil scale, eMindLog demonstrates comparable attributes. And finally, the study reports that the symptom criteria used to make a diagnosis of major depression and generalized anxiety can be obtained from the eMindLog scores.

What are the implications? It means sincere users of eMindLog can be assured that the numbers in their reports are validly reflecting their experiences. Providers can confidently augment their clinical evaluation with eMindLog reports to make judgements about the value of interventions they are prescribing.

eMindScience is gratified with the results reported in this initial study and will continue to perform studies to further validate eMindLog. Our aim is to provide the best possible measure to help individuals struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.


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