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By May 16, 2017Press

From Frost & Sullivan

SAN ANTONIO and GREENVILLE, N.C., May 16, 2017 — eMindLog™, a digital platform for self-measuring stress, anxiety and depression, has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 New Product Innovation Award for best practices in the behavioral health smartphone apps industry.

In selecting eMindLog™ for the award, Frost & Sullivan said, “Overall, eMindLog™ has the ability to lead in this market based not only on the scientific superiority of its app over competitors’, but also considering that it is the first to merge clinical psychology and neuroscience, granting it the first-mover advantage.”

eMindLog™, developed by eMind Science Corp. of Greenville, N.C., merges mobile health technology with the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology about how the brain processes daily subjective experiences into emotions, thoughts and behaviors, which largely determine mental wellbeing.

Using eMindLog™ on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer, patients and consumers can accurately and precisely self-measure their stress, anxiety and depression daily and weekly by answering questions about their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Algorithms produce scores and graphical indexes for anxiety, anger, sadness and lack of pleasure.

If they choose, users can securely and confidentially share the resulting data with their doctor or therapist through the platform’s graphically rich reporting dashboard. The data can support better-informed diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care beyond the office visit.

“The most powerful factor of the eMindLog™ app is its ability to empower patients in understanding the finer nuances of how their mind functions, and its ailments,” said Siddharth Shah, industry analyst for transformational health at Frost & Sullivan. “Use of the app helps patients better understand their emotional experiences over time and apply that insight to better control their minds. Overall, an empowered patient is in a better position to feel better faster and longer.”

eMindLog™ is free to patients and individual users who can establish accounts at The platform includes two fee-based applications: eMindLog Pro, a portal connecting healthcare providers with patients, and eMindLog Enterprise™, a version for self-insured employers to offer as part of their benefits and wellness programs.

“Our goal for eMindLog™ is to engage patients, healthcare providers, employers, healthcare systems and insurers in a robust ecosystem that encourages data-driven behavioral healthcare for better mental wellbeing,” said Michael Heffernan, president, CEO and co-founder of eMind Science Corp. “It can add value to the healthcare system by providing behavioral health data that supports early intervention, reducing emergency care, hospitalization and other treatment costs downstream.”

“The most powerful factor of the eMindLog™ app is its ability to empower patients in understanding the finer nuances of how their mind functions, and its ailments,”

-Siddharth Shah, industry analyst for transformational health at Frost & Sullivan.

eMindLog™ is a private, secure, cloud-based system. Only users can see their personalized data unless they opt to share it. The system is compliant with HIPAA standards and meets current healthcare reporting requirements.

At least 75 million adults in the United States are estimated to have high or extreme stress and/or anxiety or depressive disorders. Untreated mental illness costs the United States at least $105 billion in lost productivity each year, according to a Harvard University study.

“Anyone having suffered from a mental health condition would agree, distinguishing one emotional state from another is not easy,” Shah said. “And this is important for a caregiver to diagnose the ailment and provide therapy accordingly. eMindLog™ provides descriptions for every emotional state that succinctly explains the terminology, making it easier for patients to identify what they feel. Moreover, eMindLog™ does the work for patients and primary care doctors by converting complex diagnostic criteria and disparate categorizations into a single scoring system between 1 and 10, making it easier for them to assess the severity of their conditions.”

Shah said the eMindLog™ app is useful for several user groups, including mental health patients, primary care physicians who may not be fully equipped to diagnose and treat such patients, and behavioral health professionals to assess their patients’ progress between visits.

“Beyond such medical use, other customer groups can also benefit significantly,” Shah said. “For example, employers can use the app as a tool with their existing employee assistance programs. Given the strong connection between mental and physical health, health insurers and other payers could leverage the tool for faster patient recoveries and hence lowered care costs. Yoga and meditation centers could use it as a personalization tool to provide better support to their clients.”

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