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July 2017

Know When to Take a Mental Health Day

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A woman’s tweet about a sick day “to focus on my mental health,” and her boss’s response, spark discussion about depression on the job

Can a subjective decision on taking a mental health day off be quantified? Can you bring some level of objectivity into the decision? eMindLog does exactly that for stress, anxiety and depression.  

Mental health is not a monolithic concept. It can be broken into its components parts of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. When emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness and lack of pleasure are intense, they become the drivers of thoughts and actions. The process and content of thinking becomes captive to the emotion, and one largely loses the ability to modulate the emotion. Behaviors become compelling, automatic and conditioned to the emotion. These experiences are interlinked and can be given numbers that categorize them into mild, moderate or severe, guiding a decision on whether to take a mental health day. 

Taking a mental health day permits lowering ones emotional tone, giving thoughts greater control and behaviors capable of being chosen. It prevents actions at work that may have negative consequences as colleagues fix their perceptions of you and what they can expect. 

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